Bucshon invites Obama to tour coal mine

Oct 03, 2014 News

Bucshon invites Obama to tour coal mine

Bucshon invites Obama to tour coal mine

By Timothy Cama - 10/03/14 04:21 PM EDT

Rep. Larry Bucshon (R-Ind.) greeted President Obama when he arrived in Evansville, Ind., Friday, by inviting him to tour an Indiana coal mine.

Bucshon said the invitation was meant to demonstrate coal’s importance to Indiana and his opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposal to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

“I talked to the president briefly about coal mines and invited the president personally with a letter to come back to Indiana and tour a coal mine with me and see what the hard-working Hoosiers are doing down in the coal mines,” Bucshon told television station WEHT shortly after he greeted Obama when he arrived at Evansville’s airport.

Obama went to Indiana to speak at a steel plant and celebrate National Manufacturing Day.

This article was originally published on the Hill's website on 10/03/2014 and can be accessed here.