Midnight Madness

Sep 30, 2014 Blog

Midnight Madness


We’re having our best fundraising month yet – and that’s all because of you stepping up to the challenge to win every county in the 8th district!

Let’s keep up the momentum. Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama need to hear it straight from us – their damaging agenda is not welcome here in Southwestern Indiana and the Wabash Valley. If we win every county this election,  it will send a message that they won’t be able to ignore!

Time’s running out. The biggest fundraising deadline comes to a close tonight. Please give by MIDNIGHT and give us the final push we need to win every county on Election Day! 
The four counties where I came up short in 2012 are on the top of my list, and your generous support right now will help me reach every voter and win them over this year. Give now before it’s too late! 
This is an expensive and bold challenge, but we’re in it to win it. By showing strong fundraising results this final quarter, Democrats won’t be able to ignore us any longer.
Thanks for stepping up!.


Larry Bucshon, M.D.
Member of Congress

P.S. Let’s keep up the momentum and give by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to help us win every county in the 8th district!