Opposition to Obamacare Rises

Jun 13, 2012 News

Opposition to Obamacare Rises


Public disapproval is on the rise as more Americans begin to realize the disastrous consequences of Obamacare.  Last week, a CBS/New York Times poll revealed that 68% of Americans favor having either the individual mandate or the entire legislation overturned by the Supreme Court. 

From Dr. Larry Bucshon:

“As a physician for more than 15 years, I understand the importance of patients having access to quality, affordable health care. Obamacare fails to address this concern and represents a near government takeover of what accounts for one sixth of our nation’s economy.

The fact is Obamacare will cost taxpayers double what President Obama promised all while failing to address the issues of access and cost. The entire law must be repealed and replaced with responsible, private sector solutions aimed at reducing costs in order to increase health care coverage and accessibility to quality care.

As a member of the Doctors Caucus, I have been a leader in the fight to repeal Obamacare and have voted 30 times to dismantle, defund, or repeal it, including casting 3 votes for full repeal.  That being said, I have consistently supported a few crucial provisions of the law, including coverage for patients with preexisting conditions, children staying on their parent’s policy until 26, and closure of the Medicare donut hole.  I support their inclusion in any replacement package moving forward.”

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