Dr. Bucshon is Fighting for Better Cancer Treatment

Feb 13, 2012 News

Dr. Bucshon is Fighting for Better Cancer Treatment

After retiring from a career as a respected heart surgeon to become a citizen legislator, Dr. Bucshon has maintained his focus on saving lives by eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy at the FDA.

Recently, Dr. Bucshon introduced legislation that would cut much of the red tape at the Food and Drug Administration by accelerating the review of applications to reduce drug shortages.

From Scientist:

The bill is intended to relieve drug shortages for illnesses such as cancer, which are up significantly since 2006.

The new bill calls for the accelerated review of applications from companies that are working to address the need by increasing production of drugs or devices in short supply. It also includes language that would require the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to raise its quota for certain controlled substances, such as the attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder drug Adderall. The DEA quota system limits the quantity of controlled substances that may be produced in the United States each year, and some manufacturers have claimed the system is one cause of the current drug shortages, preventing them from increasing production when needed.

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