We did it!

Nov 06, 2014 Blog

We did it!


Thank you for voting, for volunteering, for donating, for spreading the word, and so much more. One thing's for sure - we couldn't have won without you!

Southern Indiana and the Wabash Valley sent a strong message to Washington last night – we will not back down when it comes to providing practical and principled reforms for our nation's biggest problems.

Thanks to your help, this year we were able to...

  • Garner over 60% of the vote winning 18 counties across the district
  • Fully fund and staff our 8th district Victory program
  • Make nearly 170,000 voter contacts
  • Secure strong GOP victories up and down the ticket
  • Help Connie Lawson, Suzanne Crouch, and Kelly Mitchell win big
  • Pick up 4 and maintain 13 state legislative districts across Southwest Indiana and the Wabash Valley

Victories like these could not have happened without the hard work of each and every one of you. Kathryn and I are grateful for your steadfast support, and I promise to continue fighting hard for you and for every Hoosier.

Thank you again,

Larry Bucshon, MD
Member of Congress