Top of GOP ticket rallies in Washington

Oct 20, 2014 News

Top of GOP ticket rallies in Washington

With the general election just two weeks off, Indiana Republicans brought most of the top state-wide candidates on their ballot to town for a get out the vote rally. Congressman Larry Bucshon and District 39 State Senate candidate Eric Bassler joined State Auditor Suzanne Crouch and State Treasurer candidate Kelly Mitchell at the rally on the Daviess County Courthouse steps as part of the state candidates' "Experience and Transparency Tour." 

"I was so excited the Statewide Republican candidates came to Daviess County today," said Daviess County Republican Party Chairman Jan Schuler-Hicks. 


"Daviess County is a dominate Republican County so for them to stop by on their bus tour of the state was great to help us rally voters to the polls."  

Congressman Larry Bucshon, who is facing a challenge from Democrat Tom Spangler in the November election called for Republicans to hit the polls. "We have three great candidates, but it is so important we get a big Republican turnout," said Bucshon. "The statewide races are so important because we don't want the governor and the constituents we represent to have to deal with having people in high level offices of the state that will not be cooperative with the agenda of the governor and our state Senate and state House will be promoting. That will be conservative values on behalf of the citizens of our state."

Crouch is seeking election to the state auditor's office after being appointed to fill out the term of the former state auditor. She along Mitchell and Secretary of State candidate Connie Lawson make up a unique top of the ticket. "For the first time ever in either party we have three women at the top of the ticket. I think that makes a statement about the Republican party."

The Republican State Auditor candidate points out that transparency has been a big issue for her throughout her political career. 

"As a state representative I worked on a bill to create the Transparency portal and now as the auditor of the state I am in charge of maintaining that portal. On that portal is listed all of the expenditures and fund balances and just a couple of weeks ago we announced we had uploaded Indiana's $13 billion in fixed assets on that portal so that people know what their money is being spent on and what it is being invested in and as taxpayers I think that is very important."

Heading into the home stretch Mitchell, the first time candidate who is running for state treasurer, told the crowd that even though this is an off-year election the top of the ticket will push through election day. "The next 14 days will fly by and I can assure you that Connie, Suzanne and myself, we are not letting off the gas," said Mitchell. "It is imperative that we keep these three statewide offices in conservative hands. I know you agree with me."

The candidates are encouraging their fellow Republicans to not only get to the polls but get others to cast ballots. 

"Vote, encourage others to vote, help others get to the polls," said Mitchell. "Talk to them about your wonderful local candidates. Tell them about the importance of getting out and voting in this off-election year."

"We do encourage you to vote early," added Republican State Senate candidate Bassler on the Courthouse steps. "If you haven't voted, once we get done here you can go in and vote and encourage your family and friends to do the same over the next two weeks and definitely on Nov. 4."

Bassler says his campaign will be doing a pair of get out the vote pushes to try and get as many Republicans to vote as they can. 

"We're going to call thousands of people," said Bassler. 

"This won't just help my races but it will help their races also because the more Republicans we get to vote the better chance we will have to send all of us to work on your behalf."

This article was originally published on the Washington Times Herald website on 10/20/2014 and can be accessed here.